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Personal loans, low barriers to efficiency

Personal loans, low barriers to efficiency 

background and development of personal loans personal loans far below the loan rate of individual housing loans, far below the rate of bad loans

1. resident individual incomes increased, rapid growth of household savings;

2. residents of revolutionary changes in consumption structure, lifestyle;

3. the Government's positive attitude to personal loans;

4. take high risks for high returns personal loans the Bank has quite attractive;

personal loan situation in China and its prospect

1. varieties of personal loans are not rich and cannot meet the financing needs of individuals with different income;

2. the traditional concept of consumption is a major obstacle to the development of personal loan;

3. the social security system is not yet perfect, dampening demand for personal loans;

4. effective risk management mechanism has been established;

5. lack of helping banks, external mechanisms to resolve the personal loan;

6. personal loan has a bright future, the road twists and turns.