Product classification

Dongguan specializes in providing personal loans

Dongguan specializes in providing personal loans 

1, the customer applications


fill out loan applications as required.

2, customer submissions

the applicant's identity documents, including identity cards, household register, proof of residence.  Have a spouse, should provide a marriage certificate and spouse's identity card and identity documents.  

(1), individual owners such as business licenses and certificates of tax payments.  

(2), applied for loan collateral (including mortgage, guarantee) should be submitted to security materials.  

3, review of

(1) the materials submitted by the customer are complete, stamp of the seal is clear, loan company name and license compatibility, materials, standard of integrity, legitimacy, authenticity, validity.  

(2) the currency of the credit business, duration, amount, security methods, purpose and content of consultations.  

the compatibility.

(3) business application, duration, amount of credit, guarantees and appoint agents basic information is consistent with the resolution of the shareholders or the Board of Directors resolution.  In the relevant resolution sign people on compliance with the provisions of the articles of organization documents.

(4) after years of qualification and any valid proof of business license.