Product classification

Convenient low threshold, into account

Convenient low threshold, into account 

(a) on the borrower's legal establishment and the existence of effective review of the legal status of the borrower.  If you're a corporate, should examine whether borrowers are established by law, has not been engaged in business related qualifications and qualification to view business licenses, and should pay attention to whether the relevant license has been an annual inspection or testing.  

(b) the credit investigation of the borrower on the borrower's registered capital is compatible with the borrowing; examine the apparent withdrawal of registered capital of past lending and repayment; and the borrower's product quality, environmental protection, tax effects, such as the possibility of repayment of such an offence.

(three) on borrowing people of borrowing conditions borrowing people whether according to about legal regulations provides open State basic account and General deposits households; borrowing people (if is company) its foreign investment whether over its net worth of 50%; borrowing people of liabilities proportion whether meet loan people of requirements;

(four) on guarantees for guarantee guarantees of, on guarantor of qualification, and reputation, and perform contract of capacity for survey.