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Ma behind the man: give 5.8 million annual salary worth NT $ 37.6 billion

2015 Forbes Chinese rich list of, Tsai to us $ 5.9 billion (37.6 billion yuan) worth ranked 38th. People talk about is that Tsai should give $ 700,000 annual salary that year (the current exchange rate, is equivalent to 5.8 million), with a pregnant wife went to Ma, 500 Yuan a month, why did he do, how worth it now?

in 1999, CAI believed to visit MA in Hangzhou, when Ali Baba was a little-known start-up company, and its founder, Jack Ma, the same little-known. Tsai has been working in Hong Kong at this time, is Sweden investment company Investor AB's executives. Ma behind the man: give up 5.8 million annual salary worth NT $ 37.6 billion

, however, CAI dogmas, is meeting changed my whole entire life trajectory, he should waive all (including the annual salary of $ 700,000), along with Ma, 500 Yuan a month does not matter. Indeed, his family, and his pregnant wife were strongly opposed, why did he do it? Ma behind the man: give up 5.8 million annual salary worth NT $ 37.6 billion

in May 1999, he and Ma meet for the first time. Until his Taiwan friends Ma described to him "a bit of a frenzy" when he went after, found that Ma had not even set up their own company.  Any corporate entity does not exist, only a Web site that launched just a few months--Alibaba.

when he met with Ma, is fascinated by Ma's charisma. MA is very approachable, very attractive, he's talking about the great vision. They didn't talk about business models, profit or other things to the business. Mr Ma said, "we have these millions of plant resources. How can I help the mainland factories exposed to the Western world? "Ma behind the man: give up 5.8 million annual salary worth NT $ 37.6 billion

when he felt Ma's ideas--these companies push on the line--at least in great, but not earth-shattering idea.  He admires Ma's personality, however, really struck his place, not Ma himself, but the Ma and the fact that a group of followers to share weal and woe.

Tsai: "I thought, this guy has the ability to bring people together, was an influential leader. He really has the ability to make a career. I also joined the team full of adventure? ”。 He told Ma that idea, he said, I can afford to pay only 500 Yuan a month.  He said, no problem.

after you make up your mind, Tsai decided to quit his annual salary of $ 700,000, along with Ma.  However, when his wife Clara is in pregnancy stage, one heard the idea, thought her husband was crazy, so don't feel like doing a good treatment, but to a small company that doesn't know.

he could afford to pay only 500 Yuan a month, but Tsai's father – Cai Zhongceng (Taiwan lawyer) has also repeatedly shook his head.  However, Tsai was determined to resign, dead-beat family.

in 1999, Tsai came to Hangzhou to found Ma again, this time with his wife Clara, hopes to persuade her to agree to join. Ma behind the man: give up 5.8 million annual salary worth NT $ 37.6 billion

in June, Ma said to him, "the dogmas, please help me to form the company. "He has promised. He asks who will become shareholders of the Ma, MA gave him a list of almost cottage owners are shareholders, MA will be a big part of the company's equity to the venture team, he was surprised to hear this. Because, other entrepreneurs will say: "I want to hold shares as much as possible, control of the company.  "Ma has open mind, CAI feel the right person.

in the hot and humid summer night in Hangzhou, Tsai took a small whiteboard, sweat to tell employees about how to "shares" or "shareholders ' equity", followed by "18 arhats" contract of 18 fully in line with international practices proposed, from this point on, this Ali Baba "companies", only a rough prototype.


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