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Housing new homeowners moved nearly 1 year account claims 370,000

Mr Ka 2.4 million Yuan to buy a House is located in the Haidian, but the original owner's account has been slow in moving out, to that end, he's the original owner to court asking it to pay more than 370,000 yuan penalty.  Yesterday, the trial of the Haidian District Court.  

Jia sued said in October 2014, he and Chen signed a sale and purchase contract and supplementary agreements agreed Ms Chan is located in the Haidian District, a district of houses to sell it at the price of 2.4 million Yuan themselves.  

contract agreed, Chen ladies should in housing ownership transfer of day up 10th within, handle original account moved out procedures, as for Chen ladies itself reasons not as scheduled will and this housing related of account moved out, should to Jia Mr paid room paragraph 5 per thousand of penalty, over 10th not moved out of, since term expires of next day up, Chen ladies should by day calculation to Jia Mr paid all has payment five out of 10,000 of penalty.

Mr Ka room prepaid, on December 3, 2014, and complete the property transfer.  But Chen has not and the accounts involved in a lawsuit related to the House move out of housing.  Mr Jia sued, court lady Chan on December 3, 2014 to December 12, moved from the late penalty 12000; requested the defendant December 13, 2014, until the date of actual moving out of payment of overdue account for breach of 364800 have moved out; a total of 376800 Yuan.  

Jia said that Chen's account has been slow in moving, after buying their own houses as a result, houses cannot be sold.

Chen replied that failed to move out of household responsibilities are not caused her.  She sold the House before Mr Jia, already know well, accounts can be moved to his newly-purchased House area, but in the process, she was told, the purchase of a new House due to ownership problems, not at the police station was built, cannot handle the account moved in.

Chen indicated a wish to move accounts to relatives, but as luck would have it a relative's death. Police said the accounts can only moved to parents and children. Their parents had died, her daughter studying in Shanghai.  Chen subsequently offered to account that he took out, but police said they did not.

recently, Chan knew that her newly-purchased House is community property titles can do, can be built at once. Already explain above to Jia, currently Mr Jia had obtained the title deed, dealt with their appearance, too, so she did not agree to pay liquidated damages.