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Fermentation of the withdrawal have dragged crisis: 808 crazy credit exposure runs

each year is investment high risk periods for overdue payment, coupled with increasing downward pressure this year, network industry dragged on overdue loans. Recently, operating four-year old platform 808 crisis overdue credit trap, assignment, rights issue failed to help the platform clear.  Some analysts, 808 credit withdrawal recovery period were revised again, never addressing overdue will face a crisis.

overdue dragged

808 credit since early October revealed several large loans overdue, originally promised to resume on November 5, but the withdrawal has been delayed back to normal.  A few days ago, 808 credit announcements made by the platform was renamed "prior to June 30, 2016 to ensure normal withdrawal".

Beijing business today asked the platform staff, the officer responded, overdue items, court decisions have been, are now for sale disposal.  Platform released on November 8, "caused by zero-BA BA all investor letter" appears in court disposition of the collateral has entered the auction process, may dispose of claims of 69 million Yuan, Lin guoqing, head of the platform of publicity and letters of personal assets.

in this regard, investors are not buying it.  808 in the official Forum of credit, many investors believe platforms are "larger picture" that security is still very difficult to guarantee.

overdue after 808 credit assignment new functions and the exercise of rights issue. Platform Web site shows two rounds of equity subscription was successful, involving capital of 50 million Yuan.  But these measures failed to help its crisis.

in name for "Zhejiang 808 credit activist group" in the, Beijing business reported reporter found a copies "808 forest national recently work reported" of recording file, file in the Lin guoqing on investors response road: "on financing, this days are in while for, including and a assets company of joint financing, and personal name assets of mortgage, and through a fund company of financing, channel. Money as long as there is in place, will relax the conditions are gradually returning to normal.  "Also, Lin guoqing has said it will put forward practical solution before November 15.

Beijing business today reporter multiple heads repeatedly call 808-credit related issues, no one answered the phone.  Reporters will interview questions put to convey to staff, at the time of the former did not receive a reply.

trapped in a crisis of confidence

data show that 808 credit platform part of Jiangsu zero-BA BA investment limited, was established in May 2011, the registered capital of 25 million Yuan.  Displayed according to the site yesterday, today platform successful investment 6,172,640,000 yuan, investor 76,474.

808 credit recovery a revised again, net loans of Ma, lead researcher said, "this much, said before can be solved, but it will be better and worse. Finance is based on trust, we lost confidence, follow-up funding was gone.  Some borrowers, seeing this, may also deliberately dragged don't pay. "  

"808 forest national report on recent work" in the recorded file, Lin guoqing said platform and the biggest problem is not overdue, but a crazy run.

"as long as the platform up and running, our funds will be available. I understand how you feel, alarm on my injury, and I have no regrets, but please think for other investors, police only entered the long wait and in the interests of all investors damaged platforms if you really take the road clearing, financing also does not make sense.  "Lin guoqing said in a statement on November 8," 808 platform never announced the closure and liquidation of credit. "

but rights issue initiatives platform, industry wound up suspects. Ma said, "they can wound up the best, but they don't have the money.  Overdue amount of money involved is not small, platform of funds. "

according to platform website, platform 100% guarantees principal and interest, and no evidence of third-party funds guarantee of access to information. Platform staff, both before the overdue advances, but advance amount is too high, the platform has a cash-flow problem. Ma believes that 808 overdue credit would have appeared, had been paid, but are now unable to support, were found out.