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False information leaked on the Internet banking password imposter away 50,000

imposter e-commerce customer service to request a refund, and believe Ms Wu, fill in the credit card number and other personal information provided by other Web sites. Later, she found the cards of more than 50,000 yuan transfer, for the purchase of Fund.

recently, the assistance of the Haidian police, Ms Wu successfully transferred will be 50,000 yuan of cash back. On October 9, 2015, Qing he reported to the police station, she encounters Telecom fraud. Police asked that that morning, she received a phone call the other side said a merchant customer service, the other with Wu after checking the items purchased, said due to commodity issues, be refunded to Ms Wu. She does not want to agree. The other said, Ms Wu to add QQ friends for convenient operation.

Ms Wu mobile phone after you add each other as friends, instantly sent by each other "online banking Web site." She takes you to the Web site to bank card number, password, as well as the identity card number and other personal information, complete and submit. Soon, she received tips from Bank messages look closely not refund reminder card that deposits were designated to go. She realized that he had been deceived, and quickly dial customer service phone loss procedures, then the police. After the police understand the case, Ms Wu to Bank the money goes. Communicate with the Bank, the police learned that Ms yinwu report timely and card money was gone, she purchased on behalf of the Fund, but the money has not been transferred out.

police judge, cheats are courtesy of Ms Wu's identity information is registered in the Fund account, would like to buy the Fund subsequently removed. She should be able to recover the money. With the fund company, she reported, their funds will immediately be frozen, just a few civilian police to issue certification, will be able to return the money to Ms Wu. Police according to the certification requirements to rent their streets by Ms Wu visits help Wu photographic evidence, prepare a report copies of transcripts, Ms Wu will be material to the fund company. January wait recently, Ms Wu's money has been returned to its new bank cards.

police investigators described such Telecom fraud suspects in order to avoid Bank u shield and dynamic password, using the Bank's agreement with the fund company, would money in the victim's bank card to buy the Fund, followed by bank card with the victim information obtained using forged identity cards, and then transferred the money in the Fund to bank cards in order to achieve the purpose of fraud. Haidian police prompted the general public, unknown don't fill out the credit card and personal information on the Web page. When found he had been deceived, please call the customer service phone bank card loss, then the police.