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Circle of friends of the public print new money, new money, even collections of little value

circle of friends of the public print new banknotes at 9:30 A.M. yesterday, street traffic public space of five armored vehicles were parked outside the door. Because of the geographical advantage of the branch outlets, public earlier through counters or ATM machines to get "local payments" the new banknotes. Public in this dot sigh of 20,000 yuan banknotes.

people get new money in the ATM machine, said after the "get new money a bit excited, felt smaller than the old 100 Yuan, estimates is useless reason. The biggest change is positive '100' to gold, security lines can also be turned from red to yellow and green. "

many people take notes on mobile phones, even with the new camera. "I want to be in your circle of friends under the clip-Joseph, feeling new banknotes are beautiful, bright colors than the old. Today mainly run business, didn't expect to get to the new money. "Ms Jiang said excitedly.

dynamic release new banknotes for more than more than 200 Bank branches how many hundreds of new banknotes put in circulation yesterday, the Central Bank says currency gold and silver Liu Zhiguo, Deputy Director of the Department of business management, specific numbers yet, each bank is, according to its application.

"this afternoon in Beijing, including State-owned, joint-stock Bank, Bank of Beijing, Beijing rural commercial bank more than 10 banks, can take over more than 200 Bank branches to new money, banks issuing offices according to their own situation, Central Bank sales department requires that each node must apply for a new business. "Liu Zhiguo said," as the amount of allocated money in place and gradually increase to Beijing next week over more than 3,000 bank counters and ATM machines will have a new note. Currently version 2005 hundred notes and 2015 hundred notes will be put into operation simultaneously, then new glut of legacy banknotes can continue to circulate, Canadian public need not worry. "

he stressed that the 2015 Edition hundred Yuan after the release, the original hundred banknotes can still continue to circulate, banking institutions will be based on appropriate critical standard for flow recovery of damaged Renminbi on the market in a timely manner to constantly improve the cleanliness of the Yuan and gradually replacing the old version of the hundred-Yuan notes.

reminds its new collection of little value even now hundreds of Yuan circulating in the main version is 2005, new version 2015 hundred notes with the 2005 version are the fifth set of RMB.

from 1948 the first series of RMB issued since the Bank one after another in 1955, 1962, in 1987 and 1999, followed by four series of the Renminbi. Some members of the public as early as possible, at the bank counter getting the serial number or ATM machine in front, even the number of new banknotes, think these are collectable. This reporter has learned, is unified by a bank transfer to the new banknotes to place allocated to commercial outlets, to take to the water front or even money and no rules to follow. Version of banknotes for 2015, Liu Zhiguo said, "as far as I know, even digital, these are personal preferences, serial number has no special meaning on a coin, there isn't much value to the collection. 2005 edition of money also flows, according to past experience, as not too much value to the collection. "

not only from a single point of view of industry analysts also noted that the authenticity, members of the public should pay attention to changing habits to identify money, from many angles to identify the banknotes, do not rely on one aspect the authenticity. Liu Zhiguo said, for example, that some older people, like from the 2005 version of the Bill's front-left corner of the Green 100 numbers to identify genuine and fake, some criminals take advantage of this, covering the number "100" take down the Green blocks on, pasted on the counterfeit money.

this version of the new banknotes into the pattern coins, banknote optical observation, you may find these patterns form the Arabic numerals "100". This technique is very high, very big blow to counterfeit banknotes. He suggested that "they may understand the publicity of official and bank notes, bearing in mind that new money central light light digital '100', offset on the pattern '100', anyway, double number, right of the Bill's front seven new features such as light hollow windowed, easy to identify banknotes from various perspectives. "