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Chinese gold investment demand in the third quarter increased by 70%

international gold prices lower in the third quarter also attracted foreign investors buy the dips. World Gold Council yesterday third-quarter gold demand trends report data shows that three quarters of China's growing market demand for gold bars and coins 70% to 52 tonnes, more 6% growth rebounded sharply in the second quarter.

Central Bank gold holdings since July on the third-quarter surge in gold investment demand, China cannot be overlooked. In addition to the significant increase in investment demand, a rebound in global demand for gold. World Gold Council report shows that total global gold demand a positive growth in the third quarter of this year 8%-1121 tonnes, investment demand growth, 27% 230 to tonnes. Alistair Hewitt, head of market information at the World Gold Council, said: "China and India are the main force of the global gold market, total global demand of nearly 45%.

gold fell to this phenomenon, global consumers have shown a strong reaction. Despite demand for gold bars and coins in China and the significant growth in the European market, but the United States is the fastest-growing market, United States annual growth of market demand for gold bars and coins 207% to 33 tonnes.