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Beijing reproduction floor price 66,000 land targets luxury market

yesterday, located in Chang Ying, Chaoyang District 1201-602, 603, plots, has attracted Beijing's urban construction, Ocean, Beijing capital land, railway construction, 7 room reach Consortium bid, after a period of 84 rounds of bidding, and ultimately by the poly first Consortium to bid the price of 3.3 billion yuan.  

it is reported that the planned floor space of 117498 square meters of the land, construct a 28000 square meters price of commercial housing, the sales price is 15000 Yuan/square meter, developers built 36000 square meters of commercial housing, a sell limit order is 22000 RMB/sqm.  

yahao Agency estimates, actual floor price for remaining pure residential 66000 Yuan per square meter, which is the 10th piece of actual floor prices "50,000 +" massif, is the 23rd competition in future "100,000 +" top luxury market force.  

However, the poly first responsible estimates concluded that the floor price of 57,000 yuan/square meter.

and and this year "50,000 yuan +" plots cluster appeared different,, Chaoyang District, often camp Xiang plots relative isolated, the regional Shang once transfer land also is in 2011, that guanzhuang North two in residential and the public built with to, by had development has Sun A. D. of letter far home buyers competing have, development has long Ying A. D., also remaining few houses, currently residential sold ASP in 42000 Yuan/square meters around.  

in addition, 2 kilometers west of the site, East ring first XI Yue in County items are selling now offer 48500 Yuan/square meter, sold about 200 units this year.  

Asia Marketing Director Guo Yi hao agencies said this is first time in 4 years, Chang Ying Xiang, Chaoyang District, again selling residential property land, after years of development, traffic around the block, as well as the life support is complete, so the real estate companies competing.

comprehensive land surrounding environment, compared to the same five dam outside the ring is located in the East, Sun he paints, favorable natural conditions, the site already has development potentials of the mansion. However, the camp site 66000 Yuan per square meter of floor prices, future prices of around 130,000 yuan/square meter.  Beijing's top luxury market has become land of enterprise risk.

analysis of Guo Yi, King the past two years, Beijing Ding Hao gathered nearly 5000 sets of potential supply, with a speed of up to 200 per year formed a sharp contrast when supply exceeds demand, the grim situation, Beijing's top luxury market has formed a barrier lake, market risk has accumulated.

especially the high housing prices were mostly backers of State-owned enterprises, the Central enterprises and listed companies, this type of real estate enterprises in strict sales, back to the level indicators such as request, must be to ensure a rate of sale.  Tag Heuer limited market demand, rapid expansion of supply, housing prices and strict selling requirements, under three is difficult to reconcile the contradiction point, will certainly result in the brutal killing of the luxury market.  

although Beijing no solutions can't Wang, but Wang out of trouble is to pay the cost and at a financial cost to get to, in the context of economic slowdown, price increase will also be affected, which will undoubtedly be elongated release cycle of the new King.

"in the process of waiting for the release of the new King, is likely to have individual real estate companies cannot afford to drag King, may cut off the wrist, may sell items to survive, sells stake out previous rumors of country garden retreat, is housing prices return to rational choice after the impetuous. "Guo Yi is the judge.