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Banking regulator for financial assistance warning made by the investment return is far too high

known as "the financial communities" investments widely spread mode, return 1%, a month 30%, annual revenue 23 times while developing offline mode, + question it as a Ponzi pyramid scheme. In this regard, the CBRC and the Ministry, Central Bank, State administration of industry and Commerce issued a warning notice warning the investment patterns of hazard to the public.

according to understand, the mode commitment high returns, lure public input funds of behavior, often to "financial mutual" for name, common of has: "XX financial mutual community", and "XX financial mutual platform", and "XX financial mutual financial", and "XX charity financial mutual platform", and "XX financial mutual investment", and "XX mutual community", and "XX wealth mutual platform",. Relying on the Internet through websites, blogs, micro-credit, QQ platforms such as publicity and spread wide. The CBRC said that "financial assistance" mode there is a strong temptation, lure is strong, strong concealment. Playing "foreign celebrity" banner that claims to "destroy not just the world's financial system and break the grip of financiers, creating a community of ordinary people" as the goal, through the establishment of so-called "fairness, justice, reciprocity and honest help financial platform" made public by sponsoring others to get more people to help. And in vain "through market testing, has been operating in multiple countries, for years, have hundreds of millions of members in the world" and so on.

this mode has developed rapidly, and is due to return is far too high. After the free registration, 6.06 million Yuan investment, at least 15 days to withdraw, return 1%, a month 30%, annual revenue 23 times, no handling fees.

in addition, participants develop a person to become, also recommended award (production line investment 10%), management (according to the level corresponding proportion) of extra income, development officer no limit, rebate without Cap. While in hiding, the type site from overseas people remote control, investment funds, often through personal bank account online bank transfer or through a third party payment flow.

CBRC said many of the features with the recent popular "MMM mutual financial community" are consistent. The CBRC said that such operation against law, it is difficult to maintain the Fund, once the capital chain rupture, investors will face heavy losses. Requested the general public to improve risk awareness and rational of prudent investment, to prevent damage. Meanwhile, the master crime clues, can actively reflects to the relevant Department.