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33 banking product of liquidation is terminated prematurely two months up

end for debt costs decline was substantially less than the asset-side, some banking products "spreads upside down". Moreover, because of increased risk of certain structured securities products and early settlement, as well as some finance companies early repayment, but also lead to end early release of assets.  For nearly two months, banking surge of early termination.  

silver rates network statistics, in September and October, a total of 33 liquidation ahead of banking products.

stock market crash rates down

silver of the rate of network statistics, in September and October, the disclosure of earnings data in financial products, there are 33 terminated prematurely.  Among them, the cgb 19, 12 of China CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank and China Construction Bank 1.

compared to more than 4,000 a month expiring bank financial products, 33 are not high, but the increase in the number of very clear.  In fact, the first 8 months of this year, only 50 banking product is terminated prematurely.

"in July or August in advance of some financial products end and non-rational adjustment of the stock market to some extent.  "Bank rate of network financial analyst yanzijie said, is due to correction leads to regulation, part acts as a priority banking structured securities funds investment risks a sharp rise, bank financial products can only be terminated prematurely.

CCB "Qian Yuan-Xin Amway 2015 1th financial products", returns the starting date is March 10, 2015, scheduled for February 3, 2016 benefits end.  However, the financial products was terminated on October 22.

said in a statement the products terminated, because of early termination "as the a-share market in the near future systemic risk, stocks fell sharply, causing the NET trust units fall below the warning line, in the case of secondary investor's margin is still a big investment risks, early termination to protect the priority the interest of investors.  "

according to products manual, the products raised funds by let shaan country voted • Mong Kok industry 10th, securities investment collection funds trust plans items Xia of 10th, trust unit priority level benefit right, priority level and bad Hou level proportion for 3:1, main into two big Exchange stock, and closed Fund, and ETF and LOF Fund, liquidity better of securities, expected years of returns rate for 6.2%.

"some recent bank financial products is terminated prematurely, are more likely affected by the interest rates downward, as the deposit and lending rates by decreasing, financier of the asset quality is likely to find lower-cost funds in the market, and then through the debt replacement, in advance, before higher-cost debt, this makes the associated financial products had to terminate.  "Yanzijie said.  

reporters at the Bank of a financial product specifications found in this agreement, "borrowers under financial assets, such as prepayment, China Merchants Bank a reasonable judgment to in accordance with the subscription date expected annual yield to provide customers with the financial plan, the China Merchants Bank has the right to terminate the plan.

"in addition, the general banking products terminated there are two reasons, the first is that some products are linked to an underlying, such as gold, when the price reaches a certain trigger conditions, it will terminate; banks through the issuance of financial products arm before the second was saved, the current overall decline in interest rates, banks premature termination was initiated. "Jiangsu Department of a city firm Gold product manager said.