About Us

Dongguan speed thaw credit financial services companies as China well-known inclusive financial and wealth management advisory services, will be the world's most advanced credit concept and model to China, providing millions of consumers with innovative, high quality credit products and services.

personal borrowers access to credit financial support to change their production and life, and realize the value of the credit. Individual lenders for economic gains and the spiritual return of double harvesting.

Dongguan speed thaw credit financial services companies through the platform of the elite loan, loan, business loan, new pay appropriate credit, appropriate agricultural credit, suitable for car loans, and home loans and other products to achieve Assistant, business, student, to help alleviate the enormous social value, and strive for the construction of China's credit system to do their corporate citizenship.

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is credit to everyone, credit and wealth levels are not linked. Trust and respect you give them, they'll double back to you. Chinese credit, Chinese credit value. The heart is good for most people, they are willing to change their distribution is key to the complete education of honesty, and to let you know that the credit is a kind of intangible assets, the credit is valuable.

individuals can be released through credit value, access to credit, to realize their ideals. Through our efforts to raise the poor credit worthiness, attention and recognition, get credit to truly reflect the value of carrier, Pratt credits the realization of urban and rural areas in China.